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Stories of Le Cordon Bleu Graduates

Vol.4 “Pastry making is a creation process and a new pursuit of aesthetics.”


JAPAN:The course offers classes on Japanese cooking techniques where students can learn over 200 traditional, local and modern Japanese dishes.

Mr. Bobo Lee
Owner of BoboLEE Cake
2014 Pastry Diploma at Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo

Bobo Lee started his career as a professional designer and his work as a cake designer and pastry chef contain a delicate balance of Japanese beauty, elegance and sophisticated simplicity – qualities instilled in him during his days at Le Cordon Bleu., where he obtained a diploma in pastry making.

“What French pastry and design have in common is the pursuit of aesthetics,” Bobo Lee says. “While it is not too difficult to make pastries taste good, it is much harder to create an excellently-designed cake. It requires reflecting the designer’s personality through cakes to create something attractive.”

Bobo Lee’s work goes far beyond classical pastries and wedding cakes. His creations include the amazing pastry pieces he invented for a private dinner party for HAIG CLUB, a whisky brand produced by football legend David Beckham.

He has worked on a number of international projects, collaborating with a Britain’s renowned celebrity food artist Tom Wolfe as well as Steven Ryu, who is among the most sought-after chefs in China now. With more projects lined up, Bobo Lee is sure to attract more attention on an international scale.

「BoboLEE Cake Shop Data」

West Jianguo Road Shop: 
No. 481 West Jianguo road Jianguo Garden
Xuhui District Shanghai, CHINA

Xintiandi Plaza shop:
No.333 Middle Huaihai Road 5th Floor
No.01 Xuhui District Shanghai, CHINA

Column : "Did you know?"-- Le Cordon Bleu global culinary institution
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Experience traditional cultures and master local cuisines at Le Cordon Bleu

With 35 institutions across 20 countries worldwide, Le Cordon Bleu offers diplomas in local cuisines at its Madrid, Thailand, Mexico and Tokyo Institutes.

Based on our teaching methods developed to master the art of French cuisine, students are taught practical skills needed to cook local cuisines.

Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo offers a six-month Japanese cuisine Programme divided into four different levels -basic, elementary, intermediate and advanced. The course covers skills, knowledge and cooking methods as well as industry site visits and teachings about the historical and cultural background of Japanese cuisine. It is an ideal course for professional chefs and Japanese food lovers who wish to study the art of Japanese cuisine in depth.

JAPAN:The course offers classes on Japanese cooking techniques where students can learn over 200 traditional, local and modern Japanese dishes.

At our school in Madrid, students can master both traditional and modern Spanish cooking.

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