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Contemplating simple fare at an ancient setting in spring

Chefs share the spirit of Alice Waters’ “Simple food”


From left: Yuri Nomura of eatrip, Jerome Waag of Chez Panisse and Shinobu Namae of L'Effervescence

Alice Waters is a gastronomic specialist who has advocated local production for local consumption, sustainable agriculture and distribution, as well as dietary education for more than forty years. Her restaurant, Chez Panisse, became a mecca for the “simple food” approach based on organic ingredients, creating a long-lasting impact on chefs around the world.
In April 2014, Chez Panisse head chef Jerome Waag journeyed to Japan, where he, Yuri Nomura, head of food creation team and restaurant eatrip, and Shinobu Namae, chef of L'Effervescence, gathered at the historic town of Kamakura for a special collaboration of these three chefs who paid their dues at Chez Panisse and are helping to spread the message of Alice Waters.

The nine principles of Alice Waters

Then what are these seeds planted by Alice? One can broadly say they are based on the following “nine principles” for the culinary revolution that Alice has promoted since the 70’s. Even after 40 years, the revolution continues at Chez Panisse, and continues to set standards for a new generation of chefs.

Eat locally and sustainably

Eat seasonally

Shop at farmers’ markets

Plant a garden

Conserve compost and recycle

Cook simply

Cook together

Eat together

Remember food is precious


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