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Stories of Le Cordon Bleu Graduates

vol.5 "What I learned at Le Cordon Bleu is at the foundation of my job today."


AUSTRALIA: Our schools offer workshops where you can have a first-hand experience as a food writer.

Mr. Shin Komine
「Café Komine」Patisserie owner, pasty chef and cello player
Pastry Diploma in 2009 at Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo

Mr. Shin Komine realized his love for pastry making after graduating from the prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts, where he had specialized in cello performance. During his study abroad in Germany, he missed the cakes he enjoyed at home-- western-style pastries created with Japanese delicate touches-- so he decided to create one in his kitchen!

It didn't take him long to be deeply mesmerized by pastry making, and he soon joined Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo to enroll in the pastry course.

"I was attracted to Le Cordon Bleu's program because the lessons are very up-to-date and modern while keeping in tradition with the French ways of pastry making," Mr. Komine says. "The lessons were full of surprises and amazement. Although we came from different careers and age groups, I was able to bond with my classmates because we all had one common goal," he says.

Now at his own pastry shop in Germany, Mr. Komine says he often recalls the basics he learned at Le Cordon Bleu when he feels stuck. "The lessons always remind me to put in the utmost care in what I am creating," he says.

"I think the best time to take an action is when you are motivated to learn," Mr. Komine says. "I was a little worried because I was not particularly young when I joined Le Cordon Bleu. But the learning environment, the talented chefs and precious classmates you get to study with would definitely help you with your future career."

Café Komine
Opened in November 2016 in Berlin, the capital city of Germany, the cafe is known for its original selection of petits gateaux and other french pastries infused with Japanese flavours such as matcha (green tea) and yuzu (Japanese citrus).

Welserstr.13-15 10777 Berlin Germany
Opening hours: 12:30-19:00 (Wednesdays to Saturdays), 12:30-18:00 (Sundays)
closed on Mondays and Tuesday.

Column : "Did you know?"-- Le Cordon Bleu global culinary institution with 35 schools across 20 countries
Offering various programs catered to market needs

Le Cordon Bleu offers a wide selection of programs in fields including hotel, tourism and hospitality management and other culinary-related industries, catering to the changing market needs.
At our five institutes in Australia, we have partnered with public technical educational bodies to train students as locally-licensed cooks, pastry chefs and bakers. The Institutes also offer Higher Education programmes such as Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) as well as workshops in areas such as food photography and styling.

Le Cordon Bleu London now offers a Gastronomy, Nutritional Science and Food Trend class, in response to the rising trend in health-conscious eating. Experts in nutritional science, food ingredients management, recipe development and social marketing conduct classes to offer students with the necessary skills and know-hows to become an entrepreneur in the world of gastronomy.

AUSTRALIA: Our schools offer workshops where you can have a first-hand experience as a food writer.

LONDON: Offering an all-in-one course that answers to the rising needs of health-conscious eating and nutritional science.

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